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Repair and Rebuild

Bolton Emerson Americas, LLC is the originator of the patented TORNADO pulping system and the CLAFLIN refiner. New TORNADO pulping units and CLAFLIN refiners are manufactured here at our factory in Salem, NH. Hundreds of new TORNADO pulpers and CLAFLIN refiners have been supplied to the industry since their introduction years ago. Many are in operation worldwide. Our rebuilding program was established years ago for this equipment. If you are considering the rebuilding and upgrading of your equipment the procedure is simple and as follows:

Upon notification, send us your CLAFLIN refiner or TORNADO pulper freight prepaid. For a nominal fee we will disassemble the machine, inspect all parts, determine their condition and send you a proposal for an “as new” rebuild with a new machine warranty. If the proposal meets with your approval your order will be entered into our system and you will be advised as to a deliver schedule.

If for some reason you do not wish to proceed, upon payment of our nominal fee the machine will be returned to you at your expense.

The same general conditions apply for rebuilding of our 4D Disc refiners and Emerson Jordans. An additional benefit for Jordan owners is our plug filling service. Many mills are experiencing the loss of talent for filling a loose bar Jordan plug filling. Upon notification the mill can ship the Jordan plug to our facility where we will remove the old woods and knives and replace them with new ones. We will then ship that plug along with a new shell filling back to the mill for installation saving them the time of filling it in house.

We also rebuild our coaters and laminators sold by Bolton Emerson Americas, LLC to customers in the converting industry.

Why should you rebuild and upgrade your Bolton Emerson Americas, LLC equipment here?

  1. We back our equipment rebuilds and workmanship with a one-year mechanical warranty and use only our OEM parts. 
  2. We provide the original manuals and technical assistance based on our many years of successful experience on a wide variety of applications. 
  3. We are proud to say we have been in business over 100 years in America employing Americans and enjoy an excellent reputation for product qualify and integrity.